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Family Mortgage Protection: Owners & Investors

Property Owner

While the names sound similar, family mortgage protection insurance and private mortgage insurance are completely different products. Private mortgage insurance protects the lender, not you. If you put down less than 20% on your home, you pay monthly premiums to a PMI policy that will pay your lender if you default. If you die, your heirs will continue to owe the mortgage payments and would have to default on them before PMI kicks in. If anyone depends on your income, be sure that you purchase family mortgage insurance to help them pay the mortgage and other expenses after your death.

Property Investors

Leverage the cash value of life insurance to invest in real estate. The cash value of life insurance is widely overlooked source of funds for Real Estate Investors. The cash value in an insurance policy earns interest and provides security for a loan from the insurer. Leveraging this cash value of a life insurance policy allows you to make a higher return on every single investment you make. It is foolish to risk your own cash when you have this option available that can not only boost your return on investment but also offer creditor protection.

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